Ceramic Mini Bath – Lavender


Top quality, Mini Ceramic Baths that will bring a touch of class to any bathroom. This mini 8 Inch (20 cm) bathtub with feet makes a great added decoration. The tub is 3 and ½ inch high (9 cm) and is sturdy with its ceramic makeup built durable for long-lasting use. Ideal to create bath gift sets with products such are soaps, sponges, bath bombs, soap dishes and many more…

Limited Time Remaining! : 60:00 minutes!



Size: L: 20 cm, H: 9 cm, W; 12 cm.Weight: 530g
– Traditional footed bath design;
– Ideal for presenting a mini bottle of champagne;
– Suitable for storing bathroom accessories;
– Could also be used as a novelty cocktail accessory.