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Welcome to OffersBargains.com ! My name is Aman Kapoor and I am the  founder of Offers Bargains – a place to find best deals & gifts at wallet friendly prices.

I started this website after being told by friends that I have a natural talent for  finding  great deals and gifts  without breaking the bank. Offers Bargains was founded on the twin principles of selling quality goods and delivering excellent customer service.

The idea of offers bargains is simply spread happiness.

Spread Happiness

 We at offers Bargains  firmly believe  each home is unique. What makes it unique is You. Spreading happiness means finding  quirky functional products at fair prices . Spreading Happiness  for artisans & communities. This further extends to you as our  Happy  customer  exploring Unique handmade products, great value, and the joy of helping to nurture and elevate the craft of global artisans & other quality products that are just designed  for your home.

As one of the UK’s leading independent retailers we’ve hundreds  of customers who have enjoyed a breadth of homewares and home improvement products that can only be found in a OffersBargains home store.

If you’d like to get in touch, please contact us.


Happiness Works !

Offers Bargains is a  social commerce community website where people help each other save money .

Empower. Connect. Preserve. Those are all powerful, fundamentally important mantras that drive us. But at the very core of what we do, at our very essence – we’ve succeeded only if we make both artisans and customers happy.

Happiness. Global Happiness.

In addition to unique hand crafted products -we are  proud to be  a unique website offering deals,coupons and the best shopping experience from  our store  partners like Amazon, Aliexpress ,Argos,John Lewis and many more high street brands  and stores.

we see our self as a ecosystem empowering businesses local online & offline to give best services to our customers.


we act as a hub where  small businesses are supported to generate leads by  various methods  including coupons, effective – high converting websites  & videos which are all services rendered by us at offersbargains.com

Simply Avail our Digital services  for your business growth .

We truly believe that ‘your success is our success’ , may it be as a money saving customer availing a coupon or a struggling business positioned in the same limelight as the big brands or a local artisans creation offered at a Fair prices, no binding contracts, and the freedom to make a success of their craft by building a sustainable business.

We Believe in giving 

Our money saving savvy customers not only  help boost sales but advocate as our brand ambassadors by sharing
& populating deals & coupons. In return they are rewarded by gifts from our  product partners. Giving more to  communities  .

we offer a win- win situation for our customers  & business partners alike.

Our handpicked great deals & coupons save customers money while boosting sales for our  exhibited brand partners.


Our aim is to connect customers & businesses  together with the means of money saving  coupons, daily 
deals and  effective end to end market place.

In addition to it we provide complete web design services, seo & video promotion services.

Businesses can simply avail our services from out Digital Agency . Businesses can effectively market  their promotions  using our coupons service  or simply sell at our marketplace.

we believe  offers Bargains can bridge the gap between  high street businesses and online by providing them a user friendly platform to sell their products to the end customers, without the hefty commissions. 

 How Do We Make Money?

All these codes  & products don’t appear magically, so to keep the site running we earn a commission every time a sale is made from using a voucher, code, deal or sale for most of the stores we list.

The Website runs on servers which costs money,plus our office space in Brownhills where we work from.

To cover these cost & expenses we  earn a small commission from the deals and discounts posted. Not all deals and discounts give us commissions.  So for example you buy a half price chocolate box from Thorntons shown on our website, we may earn a little commission and the commission rate may vary from 1%-3%.

Pennies on the pound .

when browsing though our deals and offers ,please don’t assume we get commission on every link. Our mission is to ‘Do Good & Help Everyone save money‘ .

In addition to our mission we want to help revive the high street  businesses as these businesses are owned by  people just like you.  We firmly believe it is not about ‘ME’ but about ‘WE’ in businesses. So lets all make the change to support a better tomorrow.

                            Message from The Founder

Offers Bargains was founded in 2010 by Aman Kapoor . The main motivation behind the website is spread happiness by empowering  unique artisans ,   connecting  quality products ,preserving crafts &  high street shops  while saving money  for our savvy customers.


When we set out to expand and transform OFFERS BARGAINS this year, one of the concepts that kept jumping out at us was happiness.

Empower. Connect. Preserve. Those are all powerful, fundamentally important mantras that drive us. But at the very core of what we do, at our very essence – we’ve succeeded only if we make both artisans, Retailers and customers happy.

Happiness. Global Happiness.

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Official Company Information

Company Name : Offers Bargains Limited

Registered Head Office

Offers Bargains Limited

26 -28 Silver Court



West Midlands

Registered Company Number in England and Wales : 8989580
VAT number: 194072206





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